Shamrock Gas Analysis
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Lab Analysis

 C6+ Fractional
 C6+ Fractional w/ Helium & Hydrogen
 C6+ Fractional w/ Oxygen
 C6+ Fractional / He / H / O
 Y-Grade Liquid

 Condensate C7+
     API Gravity
     Reid Vapor Pressure
     Bottom Sediment & Water
 ASTM D86 Distillation
 Extended C12+ Gas Phase (includes BTEX)
 Extended C12+ Gas Phase with Calculated Hydrocarbon Dew Point
 Extended C12+ Liquid or Condensate (Includes BTEX)

Field Work

  H2S Cadmium Sulfate Method    
  H2S Tutwiler Method                  
  H2S Stain Tube Method              
  Field Oxygen Analysis                

Hydrogen Sulfide Chemical Scavenger Application

     Shamrock Gas Analysis sets up and maintains scavenging applications on location and supplies H2S scavenger.  Quotes are per well and provided upon request.


Samples are picked up and cylinders are dropped off at your location weekly at no charge.

300 cc D.O.T. approved cylinders are provided at no charge.

Customized sample tags are provided at no charge.

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